8 Attractive Bathroom Makeover Ideas on a Budget


Bathroom Renovation on Budget

If you’re thinking of doing more than just painting your bathroom for renovation, well, it might be a bit complicated. There is a vast difference between the dreams and the reality. Dreaming for a bathroom with beautiful tiles, fancy shower heads, or stylish interiors with a fewer budget, it’s definitely a dream only. But, wait a minute!

Why not use affordable changes that can help you renovate your bathroom in the best way? Yes, with a little of creative planning, using recycled fixtures and fittings, and not-so-big bathroom remodelling tips you can get the bathroom of your wish. Giving your bathroom a different makeover adds to the value of your home. In simple words, you’re going to recoup a significant part of your home with cheap and affordable bathroom renovation ideas!

Looking to update your bathroom by cutting the cost on your bathroom re-do without compromising its functions, quality, and style? Here are certain remodelling ideas that can help you get your wish fulfil.

Plan it your Way!


Plan a Bathroom Renovation

It’s very obvious that before you start remodelling your bathroom, a comprehensive planning is necessary. Before stepping ahead make sure you know your budget, the exact essentials you need in your bathroom, and the overall layout of the renovation. But what if you’re stuck at some point while you’re planning?

In such situation, you can even take the help of a bathroom renovation contractor. Planning a remodel process with a professional will assure that your budget, design, and timeline are realistic to perform in your bathroom. While planning, even assess how much you wish to change in your bathroom. The more you want to change, the more expensive the remodelling process would be. So, if you’re on a tight budget, make sure to go with not-so-big re-do options.      

Try Enhancing your Bathroom by Painting it New


Selecting an Accurate Paint for Bathroom

Why refresh your bathroom’s design by making an entire change, if you can simply make it best by painting it. Well, to be honest, you cannot avoid the fact of a small and a big bathroom. Yes, these both types of bathroom need different renovation ideas. If you wish to paint your small bathroom with the pop colours, it’s not a good idea. As a small bathroom has less space available, so it’s better to use light colours like white or crème for making it look more spacious.

And when it comes to big bathrooms, you can paint it in any colour you want. In fact, if you paint considering the design of your bathroom, it can bring you an entirely new dimension without spending a penny more! Hence, it all boils down to a perfect pick of paint that makes your bathroom look stylish as before.

Say Goodbye to Outdated Electricals

Do you want any of your home members to get harmed by the electrical installed in your bathroom? No, right! While renovating your bathroom it is very important to replace your old electrical switches, lights, and fixtures with the new ones. Old electrical fixtures can be hazardous when touched with wet hands or it simply can result to electric shocks. It won’t cost much because the basic lights, switches, and other fixtures are of minimal rates that can be affordable. So to prevent this, fix a new electrical system in your bathroom.

In fact, if you wish to know that your electrical system is old or new, ask your reliable electrician and know his or her opinion over it.

Let the Natural Light Brighten in your Bathroom


A Bathroom with Natural Brightness

When it comes to a budget-friendly bathroom renovation, it’s always a good idea to avoid expensive options of beautifying your bathroom. No doubt, different lighting can improve the look but it costs much higher than your expectations. Hence, if you want something really affordable, natural light is a great way to go with. Adding lots of light to the bathroom is one of the most valuable changes one can make.

Consider bringing the natural light as your styling element in your bathroom. In fact, it is observed that natural light gives five times more brightness than the artificial ones. Why to unnecessary spend your money on artificial lights when you can brighten your bathroom with natural light!

Reuse the Bathroom Fixtures and Fittings


Bathroom Salvage Option

You may have decided to replace your old bathroom fixtures and fitting with the new ones for upgrading your bathroom. But, you also know the fact that installing new bathroom accessories can end you break your bank. They are very expensive and not easy to afford. Still, you have an alternative way to renovate your bathroom by using the recycled bathroom fixtures.

Now the question is from where to get these? You can check out a recycling centre or a salvage yard around your home. Lightly used bathroom fixtures can cost you the fraction of what you’d pay for the new ones. No matter if it is a bathroom vanity, faucet or tapware, bathtub, shower head, curtain rods, or towel rails you can get it on half of the rates of the new ones. But, are you going to fix them on your own? Calling a certified plumber is well suggested because they have the exact knowledge of installing any bathroom fittings and fixtures.       

Are Tiles a Great Option for Bathroom Renovation?

It’s not always mandatory to use tiles in your bathroom. Tiles, no doubts make the bathroom look more beautiful and it’s easy to clean and maintain as well. But if you’re renovating your bathroom on a budget, tiling option might be expensive for you. But, there are alternatives that don’t require the tiles for the entire bathroom. You can use the reclaimed wooden panels or subway tiles as your choice.

Wooden panels and subway tiles are easy to afford. They come in a versatile colour option that can enhance the beauty of your bathroom by saving great on your wallet.

Don’t Move your Bathroom Plumbing 

You can maintain your budget as decided by installing a new sink, toilet, or tub in the same location as before. If you’re planning to shift your new bathtub or sink to a new location, you need to reshuffle the entire plumbing pipes in your bathroom. This might cost you way more than you’ve thought of. Hence, you can prevent it by not moving any plumbing pipes and installing it on the same place as before.

Mirrors of your Choice!